In My Nature

The most recent edition of CLBC’s magazine Celebrate Diverse Abilities includes a number of stories contributed by PLAN Members on the theme of “Pride in my Identity”.  Michelle McDonald contributed a great story that highlights the many roles she plays as “a gardener, nature lover, self advocate, friend, mischief-maker, environmentalist, volunteer and many more”.  In addition to her story, Michelle was also featured on the magazine’s cover, alongside fellow PLAN Member Tara Leroux and Suzy Phillips.

Please Enjoy “In My Nature”

I am Michelle and there are many words to describe me. I am a gardener, nature lover, self advocate, friend, mischief-maker, environmentalist, volunteer and many more.

I like that I have a good sense of humour. I especially like playing pranks and making people laugh. If a person knows me well enough, I use my hands to pretend to be a spider on their back. I also like drawing funny pictures for people, and sending funny pictures I have created on my computer.

I love that I have a sense of adventure. I lived in Kenya when I was younger, and we travelled a lot and I saw many unusual animals and plants. My favourites were lions and flamingos. I still like to travel. I always enjoy going to the Inclusion BC conference to learn.

I have a love of the environment, and it feels good when I share knowledge about things I have learned.

I love trees and hate to see them being chopped down for any reason. I like to think they are sentient beings.

I also like educating people about how important spiders and insects are. I’m passionate about plants and love working on my community garden plot. I love to grow my vegetables, herbs and fruits. I have also volunteered recently by digging up an invasive species of a plant so that a native species can grow instead.

I like talking to people wherever I go, and I feel happy when people respond nicely to me. I like it when people are respectful and helpful to others. I like sharing the message about anti-bullying and people being kind to others.

I am Michelle and I am proud to be me.

Click here to see Michelle’s story on the CLBC website.

Click here to see a PDF of the magazine and to see Michelle on the cover.