Michelle on Gardening

Written by:  Michelle McDonald

Growing up, in my dad’s garden I’d steal all the peas and eat ’em up! I made them vanish!

When I was in North Burnaby, I started my own mint plants.

Then Suzy Phillips, my PLAN Connector told me about Goodlad Garden Plots. I signed up with that community group.

I like growing food. Last year I tried peas and it was a flunk. This year it was better. I started growing rhubarb last year and this year it is doing well.  

Another lady did too. This year we shook hands on whose was to be bigger.

I garden with Amanda and Beven.


I garden because I l feel good when I am doing it.

If my vegetables could be perfect I’d eat them all the time. (If they aren’t perfect, I eat them too!)

When I garden and the sun is out most of the time that makes it hot and sweaty, I am I happy.

My three gardening tips are:

– Snapdragons curl up into a ball. Open it to get the seeds. Sprinkle them around or keep them for next year. They come in many different colours, pink, purple, white, yellow.

– When it is hot come water your plants below the leaves or they will burn. When it is not hot or is shady you can water the whole plant.

– If you come upon roots of weeds that shouldn’t be in your plot take them off. If you’re lucky they’ll come out. If the root refuses to come out you have to leave it or find someone stronger than you.