Why do we share our life’s stories?

At PLAN fostering relationships is key to everything we do, and we believe sharing our life stories with others plays a large part in building and nurturing our relationships.

Every day whether we gather with friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, supporters or are in the community we are communicating with others. During our interactions, we are reaching out and connecting with each other. We are building and strengthening our relationships, and are deepening our own sense of self.

When we are not physically gathered with others we continue building our relationships by sharing our life’s stories online. Through various social media and online content, we share ourselves and read what others are doing and thinking.

The monthly PLAN newsletter aims to continue fostering relationships through sharing stories of caring, intentional relationships, stories of creativity, as well as stories of welcoming community.

If you have a story or community event you’d like to share in the monthly PLAN newsletter email Claire .

Or, if you are not sure how to share, we can work together and create a story you are happy with. We also understand your stories may be very personal, should you prefer not to be named we can to find ways of making your writing anonymous.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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