Loving and Supporting Ryvvr

Thank you to everyone for your love and support to Ryvvr during the time that she has been recovering from heart surgery. 

Ryvvr is doing well and embracing this journey as she works to understand the changes as they happen in her body and energy.

As always, Ryvvr is thinking about what this means for herself, her family, her relationships and all of us at PLAN.

Ryvvr is currently on a leave of absence from her role of Mentor at PLAN and our amazing team of Community Connectors are stepping in to carry PLAN’s work on the North Shore to build inclusive, diverse communities where every one of us can share our unique gifts, actively contribute, be empowered to make decisions, live in a place we call home and have financial security. 


Reciprocal relationships characterize the PLAN family and we sure do miss Ryvvr.

If you would like to send her a card or a note, she is still reading her email, or you can send something to the PLAN office at 312 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 2T2.