Representing PLAN at the Canadian Elder Law Conference.

Recently a team of PLAN people attended the Elder Law Conference and presented a panel session called, Advanced Planning with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities to delegates comprising of Lawyers, Social Workers, Health Care Professionals and Advocates from such organizations as the Office of Advocate for Service Quality and PTG.

“All excellent presenters, especially those who brought their real-life experiences” 

Laurie Geschke, Ken Kramer, Barb Goode and Jack Styan, prior Executive Director of PLAN, really rocked the socks off the delegates! In their conference evaluations many delegates expressed how much they learned and enjoyed the session.

“The participation of people with lived experiences was new and I appreciated hearing from them” 

In fact many delegates talked with PLAN presenters and made special mention to family member Laurie’s powerful story about her daughter and their work around future planning for her, as well as Barb’s impactful message about the importance of listening to the voice of persons with a disability and the need for use of plain language when talking about complex future planning needs.

“I enjoyed the presentations by non-lawyers speaking to their personal struggles dealing with certain issues, it was refreshing”