Trustees: Roles and Responsibilities – a new webinar from P4P

The person that families appoint into the role of Trustee is a critical member of a Personal Support Network.
This person will hold the responsibilities of making decisions about finances and disbursements to be made from the hard earned assets that parents leave for the sons and daughters after they pass away.
In PLAN’s Unprepared to Peace of Mind future planning model, we suggest to families that in order to have Peace of Mind about financial security, one of the things that they can do is review their Will and Trusts and have an information sharing conversation with their Trustee at least once per year.
In planning meetings, families often appreciate the prompting that we can provide to trigger this review.
Families also often join with PLAN for assistance in building a network so that there will be unpaid, supportive relationships in their lives, for which they can then invite one of them into the role of Trustee.
PLAN’s partner group in Toronto, Ontario has developed a new webinar on the roles and responsibilities of a Trustee with Brendan Pooran, an attorney and sibling of a person with a disability.
If Trusts and the role of the Trustee are something that you are would like to learn more about, please register and participate in this important learning opportunity, or connect with your Mentor.