The Lights On Fund Awards PLAN An Unrestricted Grant!

In November 2019, PLAN wrote a grant proposal to The Lights On Fund, a community-based fund that empowers charities by providing unrestricted grants for general operating overhead costs. A short while later, PLAN received wonderful news – we were awarded one of the twenty $500.00 unrestricted grants from The Lights On Fund!

These generous funds will be used towards the overhead costs of designing, printing, and mailing paper editions of PLAN’s Newsletter to families and partners who do not use email or digital technology.

We are so grateful for the generous support of individual donors, foundations and unique funds like The Lights On Fund.

Thank you to The Lights On Fund for knowing that overhead costs are essential and for supporting charities like PLAN!

Should you, or someone you love, be interested in receiving a paper copy of the PLAN Network News please contact Claire by using the email button below or call 778-819-1726.