Wise Elders Gathering

This past January, the Wise Elders group had their first meeting of 2020. The purpose of the Wise Elders group is to provide advice and support to the Executive Director. It was a very meaningful and productive conversation and we quickly created a significant actions list.

Here are some highlights

  • We will work on developing closer relationships with Financial Planners who are experts in collaborating with people with disabilities and families.
  • We’ll research externally held endowment options and build a Family Legacy Fund.
  • In April at the next Lifetime Membership Meeting, we will provide printed copies of the Family Directory to make it easier for families to connect with each other.
  • We will find a really special way to acknowledge the Foundations who provide generous and ongoing core funding to PLAN.
  • We will post an annual calendar of events on the website and add an RSS feed to the blog.

The next Wise Elders gathering will be held in either April or May.

To learn more about this group and ways to participate please use the email button below to contact Dallas Hinton.