Please join our PLAN COVID-19 Response Team

Hello PLAN Families and Community –

In the face of ‘social distancing’, cancelled community events and strong encouragement to for all of us to spend more time ‘self-isolating’, we are forming a COVID-19 response team (and promise that will come up with a better name for the group soon!). 

This team which will made up of PLAN team members, families, network members and community members, will work together to coordinate a higher level of social connectedness in the most creative ways that we can come up with.

Additionally, many of our Lifetime Members and family members are finding themselves in extremely challenging situations in a practical sense. Together we can also work to ensure that people have the essential food, medical and cleaning supplies that they need.

Today we have started by circulating some emails and preparing our plan. Being part of this team will also ask of you that you participate in 1-2 video meetings per week, and share your ideas and responses to emails and information that is shared throughout the group.

Please comment here, or email me at rpauls(at) if you can be involved. Then I will give you a call to bring you up to speed on where everything is at.

Thank you!