Networks connecting on Zoom

This week marked the second ZOOM drop-in meeting of NorA’s network members — from last week’s 5 people we had 12 (and 4 dogs) this week. It takes a while for word to spread!

It’s very easy to set up Zoom and the free account is quite sufficient for what we’re doing. It is limited to 40 minutes but for many networks that’s enough time. If you want/need more, $20 gives you a 24 hour time limit — enough even for our wordy group! 🙂

If you choose that option, they’d like you to pay annually, but there a month-by-month option which I picked. Zoom is very flexible and runs on pretty well every device in the same way. There’s lots of help and tutorials available, all free!

It’s a great way for us to get together in this time of physical isolation and we plan to continue our weekly meetings until we can again meet in person. One advantage is that our friends in Parksville and in Delta were able to join us–something that never happens in person!! If you want help setting up, or just want to practice, drop me a note — I’m happy to chat!!