Hope and Joy through Painting

Shara is a vivacious, talented, fun-loving accomplished artist, and a survivor. She suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1990, but that does not stop her from being a performer, comedienne, singer, and creating beautiful woodworking crafts. She also loves sailing and for the past few years, she has competed in the Disability Cup, both in Kelowna and Halifax. She is very friendly and vivacious, and her friends love her sense of humour, positive and outgoing attitude.

Shara is passionate about the art of creating, and this leads her to her love of painting. She wishes to bring a sense of hope and joy through her paintings to others. Some of her paintings were transformed into beautiful cards for every occasion. Her greeting cards have been sold at farmer markets in the past.

Her beautiful cards are also available through her website: http://sharabright.weebly.com.