Artist Profile: 77 Spokes (Greg Labine)

Here is a great music video from the first Single release from the full-length album by 77 Spokes (formerly known as Collide):

Greg ‘Spokes’ Labine has been writing songs and rapping for the last 20 years.

Spokes writes spiritually-driven conscious hip hop lyrics. He has performed in various venues throughout Greater Vancouver over the years, and done multiple shows with VAMS. He has recorded more than five albums worth of material. Each performance is a genuine taste of the life of an artist who has overcome many struggles, and a celebration of faith and love through song.

We are so delighted that 77 Spokes will be be out the Power of Disability Concert.

The Power of Disability Concert is a live-streamed celebration showcasing the power of disability through music, storytelling, and humour. It will entertain and bring joy and laughter into your lives, create a sense of community and to remind ourselves we’re in this together.

Ticket proceeds go to Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. PLAN has been building networks of support for more than thirty years and have ramped up their work during this virus.

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