Artist Profile: Sarah Jickling

Sarah Jickling is a Canadian songstress and mental health advocate known for her candid look into uncomfortable subjects, served with an indie pop smile. In 2017, Sarah released her first solo album, “When I Get Better,” which documents her journey through bipolar recovery.

Jickling’s idiosyncratic songs have been featured on radio stations across the country and in independent films, and she has opened up about her experiences with mental illness on radio, local television, podcasts, blogs and at live speaking events. Music editor of the Georgia Straight Mike Usinger writes, Over the past couple of years the Lotsusland-raised singer-songwriter has proven herself one of the most interesting fixtures on the city’s music scene. Musically, Jickling traffics in a brand of pop that’s beautifully inspirational.”

Sarah will be performing at The Power of Disability Concert on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

The Power of Disability Concert is a live-streamed celebration showcasing the power of disability through music, storytelling, and humour. It will entertain and bring joy and laughter into your lives, create a sense of community and to remind ourselves we’re in this together.

Ticket proceeds go to Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. PLAN has been building networks of support for more than thirty years and have ramped up their work during this virus.

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