Preparing and Updating your Section 7 Representation Agreement

In these times of enhanced vulnerability around health care support, it is most important to ensure that you have a current Section 7 Representation Agreement (S7RA) in place. Please give us a call if you feel your Section 7 Representation Agreement needs updating or if you have not yet prepared one. PLAN will have Jule Hopkins, our Family Advocate, come and help you get one prepared.  

To give you the big picture on why it is so important to have a Section 7 Representation Agreement for yourself here are some important things to know about them. 

A Representation Agreement is a legal  document in British Columbia used to appoint people you trust — called your Representatives — to assist you or to act on your behalf for health care, personal care matters, and for routine financial affairs and legal matters, It is an important supportive decision-making tool. 

A Section 7 Representation Agreement permits you to provide status for friends and families based upon relationships of trust and enables you to maintain your personal autonomy as much as possible.

Choosing a Representative

You have  the right to get help and support from someone you  trust. It is critical that your  representatives

  • Address your  choices and options,
  • Legitimize your  tastes, values and preferences,
  • Realize that intuition and feelings are just as important as intellectual ability, 

  • Understand that your needs are the primary consideration 
  • Recognize that your  interests are as important as your  needs.

As provided in section 18 of the Representation Agreement Act, your representative has the same right to all information and records that relate to their areas of authority that you do.

No legal professional is required when making a Section 7 Representation Agreement. You will need two independent witnesses to witness your signature, such as friends or neighbours.

PLAN is available to prepare and support you to make your own Section 7 Representation Agreement at. We strive to ensure all PLAN members have a current and updated Section 7 Representation Agreement in place and that it is reviewed each year.