Invitation to Weekly Family Check-In

Dear Families,

As you know the ability for families to stay connected to one another has dramatically changed over the last 2 months. Most of us are staying at home to protect ourselves, and our loved ones, which means we are no longer seeing each other in person.

Though staying home protects everyone’s physical health, having little to no physical contact with those outside of our home can be detrimental to our mental wellbeing. We are social beings and our connections to each other may be the difference between life and death.

This is why, for the past 2 months, PLAN has been hosting weekly online family conversations.

The Weekly PLAN Family Check-in on Wednesdays at 4pm are open Zoom gatherings for all PLAN Members.

Each week during these online conversations there are opportunities for visiting with other families in your community, receiving updates on advocacy, enjoying fun things like house tours, and sharing ideas for staying safe while at home with your loved ones.

Please come be a part of these conversations, either by video or phone, and visit with other families looking to connect with families like YOU – doing so will make a difference in everyone’s lives!

Details and resources for joining the Weekly PLAN Family Check-in on Wednesdays at 4pm, by video or phone, are located below.


Thank you,

Your Friends at PLAN


Weekly PLAN Family Check-in Details



Every Wednesday



4:00 pm



Zoom Online Meeting


Zoom Meeting Link


Zoom Meeting ID

477 582 209


Find Your Local Dial-in Number


New to Zoom? Here are details for downloading & using Zoom.


If you do not have the Zoom app already loaded on your phone, computer or iPad you can download the free app by clicking on the link below. Please do load the app before the meeting so you can join in at 4 pm and not miss any of the Check-in.

Click on the links below to view these useful resources for registering, testing and joining your first Zoom Meeting: