Greetings from PLAN Board Chair Cathy Anthony


My, what a time we’ve had and are still in. I’ve stopped counting the days, weeks and months that we have all been dealing with such a very different time in our lives with the challenges of COVID 19. This is truly something none of us could ever have imagined. Through this time there have been many challenges each of us have faced, but also times of great caring and people finding new and different ways to be in connection to others. 

I was part of a session hosted by PLAN and Plan Institute called “Little Things Make a Big Difference”.  We talked about what can feel like doing a small thing to show someone we care, can really be a BIG thing to them. Things like sending someone a card, giving them a phone call, or reaching out to someone to see how they are doing; simple acts of caring can make a person’s day. It can just take a moment of time to reach out and connect with another person.

It just takes us doing it. Rebecca often says, “If you think about doing something good, just do it!”. This is what matters most – take action on that kind thought. It can make a difference in the lives of others and for ourselves.  

“When we are forced apart we know how much we need connection and find new ways to do this”. 

Many of us have learned new ways of being with one another through computers; like facebook, zoom meetings and online activities. But we all know, it is not the same as being together in person. We all wish for that day ahead where we can gather together again and see each other and give someone a big hug. It will come!

The PLAN team has worked very hard to find ways of continuing to do what is most important to us – building networks of people connecting us to each other – even though it is different at this time. We continue to learn new ways to be in connection with each other, whether as one person to another, a small network gathering in a safe way, one network to another, and families to other families.  

We know the importance that being connected and having relationships with others brings! This is what matters most in what PLAN does. It is all about making a difference in people’s lives and in doing that, it makes a difference in our own lives. Remember – we are better together and we are a PLAN Family. We want to make sure no one is alone and that we can all share our love, gifts, interests and friendship with others.

PLAN will continue to support our members in building and sharing connections and relationships with one another, supporting networks of friends in staying connected, and continuing to invite new friends in. This is what PLAN most values. This is the very heart of our PLAN Family.

Remember; “The spirit of LOVE teaches us strength in adversity and difficult times! LOVE is reaching out to one another in caring and in friendship.” 

Take action now and reach out to others. I’ve learned to do this more, asking someone to do something for or with you can make them feel good too!


Heartfelt good wishes to you,
Cathy Anthony on behalf of your PLAN Board