A Tribute to Greg Winlaw

A Tribute to Greg Winlaw, shared by Sharon DiSanto:
There are so many things I could say today to honor Greg but the things that cry out large in my life honor him as a teacher, a teacher far more brilliant than any PhD. He taught me and I saw him teaching others as well.  He did not know he was a teacher because his curriculum was a life well lived. Greg taught the following courses:

He always welcomed me in his home.  While I was there, besides enjoying our times together, I learned patience, how to slow down, how to focus and listen hard.

Greg taught me to appreciate simple things and to appreciate my own abilities.

Skill Building
Because of Greg I learned to be a better problem solver, I tried things I had never done before, I faced mountains I had never faced before, I researched things I had never encountered before, he improved my education and modeled perseverance. I saw him teach this to many others as well.

Greg taught me to reach out to people and break down barriers.  He asked questions others would not ask and his life brought people together who otherwise would not have met. He welcomed me into his entire family who have become lifetime friends.

Greg provided jobs to people who needed supplemental income, full time income, or want to work off hours.  Over the years he provided employment to the experienced and inexperienced and in some cases provided staff with a home.

Through modeling Greg taught exemplary forgiveness. He offered many the opportunity to do something that clearly makes a difference and he taught me to reorient my values.  One of my greatest honors, during some of Greg’s darkest days, was when he wanted me to hold his hand and pray with him.

Everything for Greg was black and white, good or bad, real or not real.  So if today he heard me say he was a teacher I know he would emphatically reply ‘ Sharon, I’m not a teacher!’  But I know he was not only a teacher but my favourite teacher.

Nearly every time I saw Greg he told me he loved me like a friend.  He just wanted to be clear on the type of love it was. Greg, my teacher, I miss you and will always love you dearly…….like a friend.

Love Sharon