Basics of Basic Income – Closing Remarks from Rabia

On Friday, October 9, 2020 groups from across Canada partnered together to host the second webinar in the series “The Basics of Basic Income.” 

Rabia Khedr provided the closing comments. 

Here is a transcript:

“What a powerful afternoon filled with wonderful information, important questions to consider and what an incredible number of people participating. This has indeed been a historic conversation. I’m making a big assumption here and some people who have been involved in this movement for years and years, decades and decades, can probably confirm or refute my assumption and that is that we have probably never had this many people engaging in such a conversation. At the same time, we need to continue this dialogue, we need to continue the conversation. We need to continue this conversation in our spheres of influence amongst our peers, starting with our own backyard within our families, our neighborhoods, and the communities that we connect with call family, or neighborhood. We need to continue this conversation with people who are influencers around us. Whether social or political, we need to continue this conversation in multiple formats, by blogging about it, by publishing about it, by speaking about it at various levels of digital media, and conventional media and print. We are at a time in history where we can shape what social policy looks like, for the economic benefit and survival of people with disabilities. 

Beyond today, let’s commit ourselves to carry the conversation forward. There shouldn’t be a beginning and an end with the start and end of a meeting. There should be in fact, an ongoing conversation and of course, nothing about us without us. No one should be left behind. Everyone benefits when people with disabilities are supported and when income is guaranteed. Only through income support, can we move forward toward accessibility, and realizing the dream of inclusion.”