Riding the waves and keeping afloat – by Michael Wittman and Sophie Yendole.

Michael had a fantastic day out in September with his brother Stefan, and Luca and John.

These pandemic days call for creativity – how do we get outside, stay distanced from others and still experience new and exciting opportunities?

Well, Michael and friends decided to rent a speed boat to explore Burrard Inlet and Indian Arm! The photos are proof that this was one exhilarating ride. It was only experienced by a few people, however, what has resonated from this excursion is the pure joy from the photos they took as they went.

We challenge anyone not to smile when looking at Michael’s ear to ear grin as he leapt the waves in the fresh open air.

When these rare moments of joy and excitement are experienced these days, it is appreciated even more when we can share them with our networks. Photos and videos mean more than ever as we don’t have as many chances to see each other in person. Consider sending a recent photo of you and your loved ones doing something silly or just enjoying yourselves. It may go farther than you think in cheering up someone’s day! We may not all be able to ride the waves but we can certainly keep afloat with smiles, thanks Michael!