Ram Dass on his limited ability to speak

On April 6th Ram Dass, spiritual teacher and author of Be Here Now was born (1931). Ram Dass means “servant of God.” In 1997 he had a stroke that paralyzed him on one side and limited his ability to speak. That’s when he learned, as he described it, to “surf the silence,” and to use a wheelchair.

“I don’t wish you the stroke, but I wish you the grace of the stroke,” he told an interviewer in the 2017 film Ram Dass: Going Home. “Make friends with change,” he said including changes to your body and the ultimate change, death. “Death is the biggest change we’ll face, so we need to practice change,” he added.

Ram Dass died in December 2019. He was eighty-eight. “Suffering only shows where you are attached,” he said. “That is why to those on the path, suffering is grace.”




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