No Canadian Should Live in Poverty

Shared by our friend Ben West:
I believe that no Canadian should live in poverty. People with disabilities should not have to worry about how they are going to pay the rent or buy food to eat.
Personally I feel the system of applying for disabilities benefits could be described as dehumanizing. To me it seems absurd that the Canadian Revenue Agency has anything to do with the basic support people need when their lives and livelihoods are effected by disabilities.
I want to live in a Canada where it is a no brainer that we all want to make it easier for everyone with a disability to at least have the basic things we all need.
Currently there is no national disability benefit (just different provincial programs) but a new multi billion dollar program has been promised by Trudeau. Now is the time to shape what that benefit program looks like. The voices and perspectives of the disabilities community must be central to this discussion and all Canadians should have the opportunity to show their support.
This survey from Disability Without Poverty is intended to help shape what is prioritized in the federal governments approach to a Canadian Disability Benefit program. I’m honoured to help support this project working with Ethelo.
I’m glad this public process exists and I want to see more more public engagements like this being done wherever important decisions are being made.
This is such an important issue. Please get involved.
Have your say on a new Canadian Disability Benefit: