Follow Your Hope

On a rainy day, tucked away in my bedroom, I realized that I need light to flourish. Several years ago, I went through a traumatic experience that nearly broke me. My bedroom became my living sanctuary where I could breathe and create. Creating heals me to the point of me wanting to heal others. When I started to draw, a light started to open up. I share my story about how I found my light in the hope that I can help others find theirs.

I have been bullied my entire life for being different. I have a learning disability and I also battle anxiety and depression. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Knowing this new label has been helpful and I wish that I had known earlier so that I could have accessed the resources I needed years ago. This is what drove me to launch Follow your Hope.

My mental health challenges enveloped me in darkness at times. I had to find my light to make it through. I am passionate about sharing my story to help others who are struggling realize that they are not alone and that they can find their light too. Follow your Hope raises awareness for Autism BC, Mental Health, and through the making of bracelets.

Launching Follow your Hope was a natural step as I have been running Buttons for MS for four years. My godmother has MS, which is a disease without a cure. I was inspired to shine a light on this cause. I have sold buttons at art shows, along with statues that I created. To date, I have raised $744 for the Canadian Foundation for MS. My current initiative is making bracelets for all three of my charities: AutismBC, Mental Health, and MS.

If you would like to support these charities, please followthe link below to purchase a bracelet. Most of the proceeds go to these three charities and a very small portion goes towards the cost to make the bracelets.

Thank you and follow your hope.


Written By:  Janette B.