PEACE from Marge

Marge is well known for her commitment to peace and social justice. You will always find Marge at the table when advocacy and social justice is needed for anyone. She is particularly focused on those needing mental health support, seniors, people living in poverty and people with disabilities of any kind.

Marge has been involved with PLAN for many years as the mother of Eric, and has recently joined herself as a Lifetime Member, after a serious fall led her to have a long term hospital stay and now living in a care facility.

For some time Marge has been using a wheelchair to move around, but just like her commitment to others, she has set high goals for herself to regain her strength and she has worked so hard to do just that with the support of a walker and holding on to the hallway railing. Her daughter Laura, son-in law and grandson as well as her son Eric and all her friends and Support Network members are so proud of her.

Marge is a member of PLAN’s Wise Elders Committee and also is a valued member of UBC’s Mentorship Program where she has mentored Students in the Medical Profession and she won an award for being such a great Mentor to the students. Some of the students still maintain contact with Marge as they enjoyed working with her. Marge was also a founding member of the local Raging Grannies group where she participated in a number of marches, protests and presentations as well as a film on who and what the Raging Grannies stand for.

Marge is very well supported by her daughter, Laura who travels from the community of Squamish weekly and often twice a week to visit her mom and make sure her needs, interests and health care are being well met. She also enjoys regular visits from her Support Network members who drop off ice cream and fruit to her regularly (some of her favourite foods.) Thanks to Zoom, Marge has been able to have regular connections with her family members across the province and into the United States. This has been a great joy to Marge to have more regular communication with her friends and family who live afar.

To close this post – we will use the word that Marge uses when she ends a meeting, email, a letter or card she writes – that being:

PEACE from Marge.