Half Birthdays

Eddie’s Network is having an online conversation about “Half Birthdays”

Here is what one of them shared:

“We’ve always had half birthdays in our family.

We give 1/2 a gift (maybe a piece of lego or duplo or part of a series of books, it’s great for the imagination. The other half they get either at Christmas or on their actual birthday).

Then there is 1/2 a card: either home made with half the words or an old card cut in half in any way, …

Then there is 1/2 a cake. My grand daughter was born on my 1/2 birthday so we always celebrate together – such fun.

Then there is the 1/2 birthday song any way you can make it. …only the 1st 1/2 or the last 1/2 or just the middle…

It’s fun and a birthday is SUCH a LONG Time until the next one.”

What about all of you? Do you celebrate “Half Birthdays”??

If not – maybe it is a good time to start!!! 🙂