2022 Phil Allen BC People First President’s Award

Congratulations Bryce Schaufelberger on winning the 2022 Phil Allen BC People First President’s Award:

This award is chosen by BC People First Board of Directors for someone who is a BCPF Member and has had a long-term impact on the People First movement and self-advocacy movement in BC.

Bryce was selected for his longstanding role in keeping the SelfAdvocateNet website and resources going all these years (over 15 years!) and for always being a voice of reason at the many self-advocacy group meetings he attends. He is always standing up for the needs and rights of people with disabilities and the injustices we face in society.

Bryce is very passionate about “nothing about us without us” and has worked tirelessly to fight for this human right for himself and others in BC. He knows a lot about the CRPD, the Accessible Canada Act, and other resources – he is always making sure people get information they need to be successful self-advocates. Bryce has worked on many BCPF and CLBC projects, he is a leadership member of SALN, and organizer of the Mission Self Advocacy Group.

Thank you Bryce for all that you do to make our world a better place!