If you were a fly on the wall at PLAN this week

If you were a fly on the wall at PLAN this week, you would have:


Had ice cream with friends, celebrated birthdays with family, planned summer picnics, and enjoyed dozens of phone calls and Zoom meetups with friends and networks all around the province.


Prepared for fall network planning meetings and been in awe of the creative ways that people are staying connected and engaged, even during the ongoing challenges many are facing.


Heard lively conversations with Family Leaders from BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec as they form an Advisory Group for our new future planning work “Facing the Future Together.”


Listened to a group of PLAN affiliates talk about how hard it is for people as they work to find a place to call home in cities across Canada and what we might do to make this more attainable.


Caught a glimpse of the creative conversations that the PLAN and Disability Without Poverty teams are having as we work as a movement to end disability poverty through the proposed Canada Disability Benefit.


Tried to keep up with Jule as she stood with a family saying goodbye to their father who is in his last days, negotiated her way into the ER to help a woman get to the bottom of her increased seizure activity, helped a family get connected to a new service provider, advocated with mental health teams to ensure that a young man had a place to live after being evicted from his supported apartment (oh and so much more …..)


Thought it was pretty great to receive an invitation from a network that was planning a birthday party for someone’s 86 year old mother!


Been challenged and inspired by the discussions between PLAN and L’Arche about the foundational role of supportive relationships in all “Housing” initiatives.


Reflected on topics like equity, leadership, decision making and accountability along with the Mentor Team at their monthly IMPACT meeting.


Put your thinking cap on to sort through ideas and options with a family as they set up Trust, communicated with potential Trustees and all of the associated banking tasks.


Joined a thoughtful conversation with a parent group in Colorado about how personal support networks can be social groups, but also critical when planning for the future – especially for the important and specific roles that parents often play in the lives of their sons and daughters.


Considered balance, wellness and caregiving responsibilities as you heard the staff team planning their schedules and priorities for the coming months.


Found comfort knowing that our Family Advocate helps not only your loved one with a disability, but you, your spouse, or other people you love and care about too.


Worked to stay focused and not get overwhelmed as you realised the tremendous work involved with grant applications and all the reporting involved with the project funding that PLAN depends on.


Wondered if the annual audit would ever be complete, and drafted invitations for the Annual General Meeting.


…. and that’s just a bit of it.


We are grateful to love, care and serve in such a vibrant, diverse and active community. 

Thank you to everyone who is PLAN and lives out our mission values in incredible ways each day.

Please reach out if you want to connect.

– Rebecca