Carol’s Story: Access to Fun!

When I arrived at the White Spot for my meeting with PLAN Lifetime Carol Thorson and her friend and long-time PLAN supporter Pat Tesan, the first thing I noticed was the laughter I could hear above all the other noises in the restaurant. These two long-time friends were having a great time and welcomed me into their conversation.

I was curious about Carol and her network and quickly learned that having fun and a lighthearted approach to life was a must! Over lunch, I got to know Carol a bit more and was struck by her deep connection to Pat. “We don’t see each other too often” said Pat about their relationship, “but when we do, we pick up just where we left off as though no time at all had passed.

Carol and Pat became friends through a lot of interesting mutual connections like Pat’s connection to Carol’s parents. “We all met through PLAN and as time went on, Carol and I started connecting and now we really enjoy each other’s company” said Pat.

I asked Carol what else was important to her in addition to having good friends to laugh and lunch with. She talked about her deep gratitude to her parents for helping her to become a homeowner. Carol had the opportunity to try living with some other people when she moved out of her parents’ homes many years ago and now is very happy to live on her own in her own place. Carol talked about how she has the support of people like Pat and Jule from PLAN to make plans, think about the way she wants her life to go and just for fun.  Carol also spoke about her wonderful personal network and family members who have been of great support and friendship to her.

Another thing that has inspired Carol in her life was traveling to different places which helped her to think about how life is for other people. A highlight of this was her trip to the Netherlands and particularly to see Anne Frank’s house.

“The house she was hiding in was so tiny and she must have spent so much time being alone” said Carol. “I am glad I don’t live that way at all”

So are we Carol!