More Alike than Different

Barb Goode and I sat down to talk about the overwhelm of these times and what it takes to feel all right.  Barb talked about how we are we are all more alike than different, but that we forget sometimes and that makes us feel like we are all alone in what we are going through.

When I asked Barb what might help her feeling of overwhelm, she said, “I think getting together with some of my friends that understand me would be helpful!” 

We talked about who she might invite, came up with a small list of trusted friends from her Network and started hatching a plan to get together with them to just talk about it. 

Connecting with people who don’t make judgements and just let us be ourselves is an important part of having peace of mind!  Talking freely to our network of people about what we need to feel all right helps a lot!

What kinds of things do you and your people do to support each other to feel all right?

2023 is coming and we are currently thinking about ways to create spaces for connection for families! 

Do you have ideas about things we can offer?  Potlucks?  Zoom Happy Hour?  Groups with a purpose? 

If you have ideas or questions please feel free to drop me an email or connect on PLAN’s Facebook Group.

– Shelley Nessman