Honouring and Loving our Vickie Cammack

When asked to write a tribute to Vickie from her PLAN family I thought what a  daunting task for there are so much that could be said about this beautiful soul and the profound impact she has had on so many.  Her influence and achievements are many.  Then I thought – just write about love.  To know Vickie was to know love.  To meet Vickie you felt like you were the only person who mattered in that moment.  Vickie radiated love.

Vickie was a visionary, a leader, an innovator, an influencer and so much more.  Without her wisdom and passion PLAN would not be here.  Vickie, husband and soul mate Al, and some pioneer families had a vision to ensure our loved ones lived a good life. That vision took root and PLAN was created over 3 decades ago.  A few years prior she was also instrumental in the creation of the Family Support Institute and later Plan Institute.  Like many, I have been graced by these inspiring organizations and the people within them.

I was a young mom learning to navigate a new reality when I first met Vickie.  Like many, I was spell bound by her passion, vision, wisdom and gentle loving heart.  She spoke a language I yearned to hear of love, compassion, caring and relationships as being our purpose in life.  Her teachings of caring about one another and being in relationship with others is what could change the world. It did for me.  I remember listening to her speak one day and her closing challenge for all was to ponder “who eats at your table?”  A profound statement and one I have lived with and shared since.  It is one of the core values of PLAN.

Through Vickie, I like so many others, found hope.  She was an incredible guide and mentor to travel with on a life journey.  She gifted so many with a vision of new hope, the skills to grown confident, the faith and courage to take action, and the steps to take to invite others into the journey.  Vickie planted seeds of hope and helped you to nurture them to grow.  And in time, the wind carried the seeds of hope far and wide to take root and grow and flourish. It is known that Vickie had a special love of nature and trees and would remark “live with one hand rooted in the soil, the other stretching to the stars”.

So many hearts, minds and life’s have been touched and changed by Vickie.  She has given us a legacy that lives on – what a gift of love.

While we grieve the loss of our dear friend she lives on in our hearts, minds and actions.  Gratitude to and for her is endless.  We all have been deeply touched, changed and blessed by Vickie.  We have shared love.

To our dear Al and Vickie’s beloved family our hearts join with yours.  Know that the difference Vickie made to us all lives on.  When we look to the night sky for inspiration and hope she is there as a magnificent sparkling blue star.

By Cathy Anthony on behalf of the PLAN Family

Vickie is being honoured, celebrated and remembered in many special ways.  Here are are links to a beautiful obituary written by Vickie’s family, and an incredible tribute from Shari Graydon featured in the Globe and Mail this week.

We are also receiving notes and comments from families all around the globe sharing stories of things that Vickie said to them that made a big impact, new ideas they learned and special stories about what she has meant to them throughout the years.

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