An Inaugral Network Gathering


Networks are interesting!  If you asked 10 people to describe what a network is at PLAN, there would be 10 different answers!

I had a wonderful learning conversation with Toula and Janette over the holidays about what it means to develop a PLAN network.  Here are some of the “aha” points from that conversation:



  • It takes time for some families and Lifetime Members to get a solid understanding of what we mean when we are talking about an intentional network
  • The idea of a network starts as a seed and can sit dormant for a long time before it starts to sprout!
  • Anytime we are spending together talking about how to be intentional in each other’s lives is good time
  • There can be surprises along the way
  • Every person gets to take the time they need to decide who to invite into their network, why and how they want to

Janette took lots of time to think about who she wanted to invite to her first gathering and had lots of conversations thinking about just the right number of people, where to gather and what to talk about.  We spent an afternoon talking about what this group might be able to do in the future and then did some brainstorming about possible employment or volunteer ideas!