Spring Lifetime Members Meeting – all the details you need for tomorrow!

Good Afternoon Everyone! 
We are looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Lifetime Members Meeting tomorrow!  We haven’t been able to meet like this since 2019, so it is exciting to know that we will be together to discuss priorities, share ideas, make plans and get coordinated for the year ahead.  Like you know and have experienced, so much of our attention these past few years has had to be on our own individual networks and families and ways that we could stay connected during the pandemic.  Now is the time for us to come back together as the collective “network of networks” and pay attention to PLAN as a whole and all that we can do and accomplish together.  You are an important part of this and we are thrilled that you can come.
Details about the venue – parking, room size and COVID precautions:
The event is at Bonsor Recreation Center in the main banquet hall.  Here is the address again:  6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 3G4.  There is a large parking lot exclusively for Bonsor and there is no charge for parking. When you walk through the front door, you will see an elevator ahead of you on the left side of the room.  Take the elevator up one floor and then you will see familiar faces and easily find the room. The hall has a capacity for 300, and we will have approximately 75 people at the gathering, so there will be lots of space to move around and be comfortable.  There are windows and doors that we will have open for good airflow, and if the weather permits, there is also a beautiful patio.  Some people will be wearing masks and others may not be, and we want to encourage you to do whatever you need to feel safe and comfortable.  As an additional precaution, the food will be served by family volunteers to minimize touching our sharing of utensils.  If you have any questions or any additional considerations about health and safety, please give me a call today.
Food and refreshments:

Our time together will begin with a delicious Pancake Breakfast.  There will be pancakes with butter, syrup, and whip cream as available toppings.  There will also be sausages, hash browns and fresh fruit.  For an early afternoon snack break, there will be muffins, and cookies.  Gluten and Dairy Free options will be available and set aside on a well marked take.  Throughout the event there will be coffee, tea, water and juice.  How does this sound?  If there is anything else you can think that you will want or need, please let us know!

What to expect during our time together:
During the Pancake Breakfast, we know that everyone will want to be visiting and catching up with each other.  We will have approximately 10 newer families with us as well, so if you see someone you don’t know, please give them a hearty PLAN welcome! Don’t worry, we will have name tags to help remember each other’s names!  There will also be a few tables of writing, artwork and pottery for you to peruse (and maybe purchase!) During this time, please visit the showcase tables and check out what people are sharing! 
At 11am, Rebecca and Rose will welcome everyone and acknowledge the traditional lands that we will be gathered on.  Then there will be a small celebration of a special achievement for one of our Community Connectors presented by Ryvvr, Robert and Craig.  Karl Perrin will then take some time to share about his long journey with PLAN, reminiscing about the early days, all that he has learned and experienced and the very special role that Vickie Cammack played in his life.  This time will also include honouring and remembering the other dear friends that we have lost.
Next will be your turn to talk and share!  Shelley and Claire will lead us through a time of stories and reflection in small groups at your tables, and then as a large group.  Together we will think about ‘What Matters Most’ to us right now, and what is most important for us as an organization in the years ahead.
Jumping back to the here and now, Rebecca will provide an update about PLAN in a “by the numbers’ presentation and lead us into small group table work looking at the 5 key elements of Planning for a Good Life, what it looks like when we are on the right track, and how we can move from being Unprepared to having Peace of Mind.
Before you know it our 4 hours will pass … but don’t worry – we have a full list of upcoming local family gatherings and the legendary Summer Picnic coming up before we know it.
Fundraising, Donations and Raffles:
Since this gathering is more of a meeting than a party, we will not be holding any silent auctions or 50/50 draws.  We will be selling Raffle Tickets for $5.00 each with 10 of the beautiful wildflower table centerpieces as the prizes.  Cash is easiest for these tickets, but if you prefer a credit card, we can make sure to have a computer set up.
There is no charge for this event, but will very gratefully accept Donations towards the cost of the event and to support PLAN’s work throughout the year.  Currently 20% of the Membership are active donors and as a family-led, non-government funding organization, it would be incredible to see this number increase to 75% or 80%.  Every amount big or small helps support our critical work, so thank you in advance for your consideration.
On the day of the event:
If you need anything on the day of the event, please don’t hesitate to call or text any of the PLAN Mentors, or Rebecca, Shelley or Jule.
See you all tomorrow at 10am!