Support for Caregivers

Hi I’m Cat Main, a PLAN Member, and Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) who is committed to providing support to caregivers though my private practice.

The reason I’m called to offer therapy to caregivers is because I’ve been there. I am the mother of a fierce five year old, an adult sibling to a sister who has cerebral palsy, as well as being a family caregiver.

So I know the struggles that can come with doing this work: being pulled in all directions, feeling like you’ve lost your identity, losing your boundaries and having self-care feel impossible in the midst of the chaos.

And that’s also why I know counselling can be so beneficial for those of us in caring roles (whether those roles are full time or part time) because it invites us to pause & take a breath, to carve out some time to check in with ourselves, as well as giving us the opportunity to express our truth without needing to worry about anyone else’s needs. It also gives us the space to deconstruct the challenges we are facing and discover creative solutions we simply can’t see when we’re lost in the fray.

My hope is that our sessions can be a warm and inviting space for you to come home to yourself. To remember your joy, to feel seen & heard, and to develop a sense of self compassion as you navigate this important role in your life.

As part of PLAN’s Facing the Future Together initiative, from now through to the end of 2024, PLAN Members can receive a 20% discounted rate. Please check out my website if you’re curious to know more. You can also get in touch for a free 20 minute consult to see if we might be a fit, or send me a note.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Cat Main (she/her), MA, RCC