Notes from Dialogue on Death and Dying

Notes from Meaghen Taylor-Reid:
I was fortunate to attend Elder Joanne Hodriedson and Jennifer Mallmes’ Indigenous Ways of Knowing plenary session at New Westminster Hospice Society’s second annual Death and Dying dialogue.
‘Community lifts us up with love. Culture and home are medicine.’
Are your Advanced Care plans documented, discussed, filed and shared to allow for your documented wishes?  Or if this is something you would like to talk more about, please give us a call at PLAN.
Fantastic videos on death and dying considerations here
As Joanne and Jennifer are the masterminds for our award winning Death Doula program at Douglas College, I was also reminded of the value of death doula support found here.
My experience with my kiddo’s birth doula and father’s death doulas were fantastic:
Please reach out if this has been on your mind,