A break. A breather. A recharge. Wellness. Respite.

Whatever it’s called and however it looks, we need them built in and they sure can be helpful backup options. Are you using yours? Have you researched options recently? October’s Jim Dier’s workshop about neighbours, last month’s doula workshop at Century House, in-home health option reminders from community events, and systems offerings of respite/enhanced respite shifts in how respite can be used, give pause for solid reflection. Here are some research starting points for all to consider:

CLBC’s Individual and Family Wellness Policy (formerly Respite)

(now including recreation and meal delivery supports)

Doula Services Association of BC

Music Therapy Association of BC

Respite, Caregivers and BI’s Facebook Group

Support Worker Central

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors: 

BC Care Providers Association Home Health Listings (203 non profit health organizations around BC)


Could this research be part of a New Years resolution?

Feel free to reach out if we can assist.