When Friends Come to Town

Kirsteen hosted a Christmas/birthday party when her good friend Catherine was in town from Powell River. This tight group of friends has been gathering around music for several years now, starting when Michael created a dedicated regular jam session to keep connected and make music together. It has grown to include birthday and seasonal celebrations together as well! When Catherine comes to town, everyone loves to be together, otherwise she stays with us on Zoom.

Cydney’s Uncle Henry (a dear family friend and legendary Vancouver jazz guitarist!) joined us and played guitar while we sang holiday songs and some of our regular favourites. Having played with Bill Haley and the Comets and Nina Simone in his amazing career, Uncle Henry is a generous and loving member of Cyd’s network who shares his talent and humour every year, much to everyone’s delight.

Speaking of generous and loving, it was a treat to have 4 beautiful mothers welcomed at the party too – Barbara (mum of Kirsteen’s friend Amanda who passed away several years ago and remains a dear friend), Carolyn (Kirsteen), Nellie (Cyd) and Maria (Catherine). Michael attendedĀ on Zoom and it even turned into a dance party!

MaryAnn provided a beautiful lunch and Nellie brought lovely cakes to celebrate the day. Kirsteen is a gracious host and her guests always leave feeling loved and joyful.

Thanks Kirsteen and to all who contributed to make it such a fun and festive afternoon.

Hosting events can be challenging, but if everyone chips in what they’re good at, it can be a dream party!