Tips for finding a family doctor in the Lower Mainland

Family doctors. It’s a topic almost as hot as real estate in the Lower Mainland.

Recently, some PLAN members have been supported in their search for the golden Family doctor ticket.

Here’s a few tips for the great family doctor search:

Here’s the family doctor registry in BC to register yourself:

Here’s the search tool:

You can try calling 811 to speak with a navigator who would have community specific ideas

Local Divisions of Family Practice may have specialized intake routes (or select your location)

Ask your family, friends, neighbours, caregivers, staff, and networks who they see and if they’d consider taking you or have openings. You never know when someone’s moving or a new doctor joins a practice! I

f you’re comfortable, you could also post on social media or search social media community/neighbourhood groups. Most likely someone’s recently asked this exact family doctor question of a neighbourhood/municipality.

May the doctor search odds be ever in your favor!