Darren’s After Christmas – Christmas Party

My family and I have been fortunate to be a part of Darren Boutillier’s  After-Christmas party for the past two years.   Last year my kids and I attended for the first time and were surprised by how much fun we had and we’ve been looking forward to this year’s party for the whole year! It is an event that brings people together and is all about the laughs and the good times. 

It is wonderful to see how the kids change and grow each year.   Darren’s family members and friends like Carol Thorson all gather to catch up, enjoy some delicious food and some laughs.  It feels like family!

Jen Gong, Darren’s Connector (who hosts the party says): 

“We have been doing the After Christmas – Christmas Party for 9 years now. 

It’s one of those events that folks look forward to all year long. There are a few things which are consistent every year – like the present game, having a potluck meal – and deciding the date of next year’s events and the end of each year’s party. After that each year tends to find its own flow – we’ve done singing, conga lines, and photo booths to name a few.”

The After Christmas – Christmas Party is an anchor event within Darren’s Network.  Darren invites everyone to take part and this underpins other events and get-togethers in his many friendship circles! It is a perfect ending and new beginning all wrapped up in one!

Many PLAN Networks host at least 4 anchor events each year.

What are yours?