Introducing Angel Currie

Angel joined our PLAN team in July 2023 as a Community Connector and transitioned into the role as Mentor in 2024. 

She was born and raised in Vancouver, and currently resides in the tri-cities community and is familiar with its many resources. Angel has extensive experience in the insurance and legal industries.  When she isn’t working, enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in the community, gardening, and thrifting. 

During our conversation about her work at PLAN, Angel talked about her intention to find the things that bring joy into the life of the Members that she is supporting.  

 “It is a small thing, but I really love gadgets like my Roomba (self-directed vacuum cleaner) and it brings me great joy to have it doing something for me!  My children leave a lot of crumbs and Lego on the floor and my Roomba prevents many Lego related injuries.  Likewise, I try to incorporate solutions that would help bring my focus people more joy and make their lives easier.

It is the small things like this (or at least they seem small) that I want to support people to find and fill their lives with.”


 Here is a bit more about Angel!

What drew you to this work?

I became attracted to this opportunity because I have always believed that people with disabilities are part of the family and the community. I have several family members with disabilities like my husband, who due to his own disability is a strong Advocate for other persons with disabilities. 

 What is something that would surprise us to know about you? 

I love vintage and antique collectibles.  I support sustainability by collecting and using unique vintage items.  

 What is making your heart sing/getting your attention right now?

My children.  I truly enjoying watching them grow up.  

 Anything else you would like to say or talk about?

I’m happy to be a part of PLAN.  This organization is dedicated to supporting persons who are vulnerable and helping them live an active enriched life in the community.


Thanks Angel and welcome to the PLAN Family!