Do The ‘Thing’

An early learning for me in my time with PLAN from one of our family leaders, was to make adventures happen for themselves and their for their families.

Part of our return to connection and being in these days and years seems to be remembering and recognizing all the things we stopped, delayed or cancelled.

For me, that’s happened in fits and bursts, caregiving  and professional responsibility dependent. The small things have included getting back to visiting, gatherings, volunteering. Remembering my love of lingering in cool spaces, hosting wonderful people and experiencing that reciprocity. For the record, it’s also been healing to recognize how much I adore our community pollinator project, mentors, wellness planning, neighbourhood picnics and harvest celebrations that are all beautiful 2020 remnants.

Recently I was able to take a trip that was rebooked from April 2020 with my partner and daughter. The process of planning, connecting and experiencing was more needed and healing than I’d recognized. Surprising actually. A kind of measurement into the depth of my disappointment in so much grief and loss from 2020 until now.

We saw friends we needed to see. We spent time catching up and in great learning. We saw cemeteries we needed to visit. We showed our daughter places of great nostalgia. We celebrated together with our home community of almost three years in our formative early adulthood, 20 years ago. We made new connections, gave our support in different ways, and had new completely mindblowing experiences.

If you can, do your thing. It might not be perfect, but I promise you it will heal a bit of your heart and soul.

Let us know how we can help.


Shared by: Meaghen Taylor-Reid