From One Generation to Another: A Plan for Loving Care

Recently, I was privileged to witness an incredibly moving conversation about love, responsibility, and the future. This dialogue wasn’t about investments or property—it was about something far more precious: the care and well-being of a loved one with a disability after the passing of their parents. The mother, a loving parent to her wonderful daughter who has a disability, took proactive steps to ensure her daughter’s future was secure and filled with joy. She invited her niece and nephew, who are to be trustees and future representatives, for a detailed discussion about their roles in the daughter’s life moving forward.

The conversation was profound and touching, sparking inquiries that showed deep care and commitment:

“Tell us more about…,”  they asked, eager to understand every aspect of the daughter’s life and needs.

“How does it work if…”  Their questions dove into the specifics of daily care and long-term needs, showcasing their desire to get everything right.

“Where do I find…”  They were proactive, asking for resources and contacts that would help them provide the best care for their loved one.

“What if this happens, what do I do?”  Their concerns were met with thoughtful responses, ensuring they felt prepared for potential challenges.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of her,”  they reassured, a statement of unwavering support.

“We’ll follow your wishes and want to know more,” they continued, demonstrating their commitment to honoring the mother’s plans and wishes.

“We’ll continue to make sure she has a fun life,” they promised, highlighting their dedication not just to her care but to the quality of her life.

These exchanges were not just about logistics; they were affirmations of love and responsibility. They were promises that their loved ones’ lives would continue to be full of love, joy, and engagement in the community.

The mother’s reaction was both heartfelt and emotional. “I feel that by you taking on this role, asking these questions, and caring about our future, I feel so relieved and thankful,” she expressed, her voice thick with emotion. The relief and gratitude she felt were palpable, marking a significant moment of transition and trust.

“Thank you, PLAN, for hosting this conversation. That was a lot of email communication!” the mother acknowledged, appreciative of the efforts to coordinate such a crucial discussion.

This conversation was not just a planning session; it was a testament to the power of family and personal support networks. It highlighted the importance of open dialogues about future planning, ensuring that transitions are smooth and that all involved feel supported and informed.

The mother’s careful planning and the genuine engagement of her network are paying off in dividends, setting a strong foundation for their loved one’s continued happiness and well-being. This story is a powerful reminder of the importance of discussing and planning for the future care of loved ones with disabilities, a topic that touches many but is often shrouded in uncertainty and hesitation.

For anyone navigating similar conversations, remember the importance of openness, detailed planning, and the reassurance that comes from knowing your loved one will be cared for by people who truly care about making their life as fulfilling as possible.


If you are ready for this kind of conversation to ensure a loving and secure future for your loved one, please give us a call.  We are here and would love to chat.