Notes from May Family Network Meeting

Thank you to Jule and Norm for sharing their fantastic presentation on the Dignity of Risk with the families who gathered together on Zoom last night for the PLAN Family Network.


The documents that were part of the presentation are attached to this email. They are as follows:

  • John O’Brien quote

  • The Value of Dignity of Risk

  • Steps for family and individuals when considering taking a risk

  • Dignity of Risk = Empowerment


Here are links for you to watch the two videos that were shared


Please note these videos are based in the United States. The key takeaway in the Imagine I Am the Boss of You video is at the end when the speaker shares that the right to make decisions that have risk is at the core of our humanness.


During the evening we heard some wonderful quotes from parents and wanted to share them with you.


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”


“We have five fingers and they are not all the same”


“If you hold back on one thing you might be holding back on a whole chain of events”


We look forward to gathering with you at the next Family Network Zoom Conversation on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, for “Supported Decision-Making Part 2” with Jule Hopkins and guest self-advocate.


On behalf of the PLAN Family Network,

Claire Inkster


Questions for the PLAN Family Network team

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