You’re Invited!

Invitations are a large part of our work. We work hard at our network strategies, network list brainstorms and invitation details. It’s rarely a crystal clear picture of exactly what or how a network of family and friends should look like. Often in flux and often ever changing. Recently, we’ve had a few network gatherings where invitations to the least suspecting places and in a few last minute ways have engaged quite a few.

In one network and due to a move into a new area, a new local network is forming. Our member’s attended a few self advocacy group meetups and a last minute invite reminder meant the local self advocate group president showed up in full and beautiful rights based support. Segregated programming declined, this family has been working hard to figure out support fits, this member valuing rights and here that representation was ensuring this planning centered them beautifully.

In another network, a group of friends from a local church and volunteering spot attended. They had no idea about our work building networks yet cared so deeply for this member and her caregiver, they showed up and in support of them on their long weekend and left committed to the network. This family had been worried about their invitations being an imposition.

In another network, I could tell it had been tempting for the network to have their seven year old nephew sent off to a play date or otherwise occupied. You know what seven year olds love? Organizing games and hosting desserts. The perfect leaders are all ages!

Who’s waiting for an invite in your network?