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Dedicated and Passionate People

Jennifer Flathen


Jennifer describes herself as a lifelong learner and as someone who is a natural connector!  As a mom of two (ages 12 and 15) neurodivergent children, Jennifer knows the power of connection, advocacy, the importance of the community and all its abundance.  She knows that having presence in community and a place to make contribution is key to a good life for everyone!

Jennifer has worked for a number of years supporting students in education as an Educational Assistant within the schools, supporting various needs, diverse learning and advocacy for inclusion. She is also a Hair Stylist -Color Technician and business owner of over 28 years – both jobs that involve understanding and valuing diversity as well as the skill of deep listening and fostering personal caring connections.

She believes that “to have a friend, you must be a friend” and has thought deeply about what that means (particularly to marginalized people.). One amazing accomplishment that showcases Jennifer’s passion for connection is a Facebook group that she created 13 years ago that connects moms and families in the Delta/Ladner/Tsawwassen/Surrey areas. With a culture of kindness and support for one another, the over 2400 members of that page experience being part of a caring community – a place to be supported and to support others!

Other words that Jennifer uses to describe herself are resourceful, creative, a lover of Art, Cuisine and home cooking and a heart for animals that is HUGE!