Staff Team

Dedicated and Passionate People

Jule Hopkins

Family Advocate

Jule became PLAN’s Family Advocate in 2016, a role that was created in response to the needs and priorities of families who would benefit from PLAN’s expertise, but may not be ready for the full commitment of Lifetime Membership. In addition to her primary responsibility to this group (called the Planning Network), Jule is also able to support Lifetime Members on matters such as empowered decision-making, exploring housing options and other types of complex planning and advocacy.

Jule has worked to provide services for children and adults with disabilities for close to 40 years, including service as the Executive Director of a Community Living Association and a large Child Development Centre. She also has a background in municipal recreation for seniors and for individuals with disabilities. Her experience as the parent of a daughter with a disability provides her with important insight into the concerns and priorities of PLAN Families.

Jule says: “it is the height of my career to be able to join PLAN and work with such a caring and family-driven organization. I know that I will learn and grow so much by having this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of PLAN Members and their families. Being able to help people achieve their goals and live good lives in community has been my life’s mission.”

Prior to joining the PLAN team., Jule worked for CLBC as the Director of Service Accountability and Safeguards, with responsibility for a Strategy on Aging and developing online courses and other resources. Jule also worked with the Family Support Institute to produce two books of stories by family members and siblings about informal safeguards and relationships.