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Katherine Willems


Introducing Katherine: Our Newest Mentor at PLAN

We are thrilled to introduce Katherine Willems as our newest Mentor at PLAN! Katherine brings with her a wealth of experience, a passion for social change, and a deep commitment for creating strong, connected communities.

In her previous career, Katherine worked in corporate positions where she excelled in delivering superior quality results. While she found success in these roles, Katherine felt a calling to pursue work that aligned more closely with her values of giving back and making a positive impact. When she learned about the Mentor position at PLAN, Katherine immediately felt drawn to our mission and values.

What sets Katherine apart is her dedication to empowerment and her ability to navigate delicate situations with understanding and compassion. Throughout many life experiences, Katherine has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of mentorship and the importance of deep, caring relationships. She strongly advocates for mental health, wellness, and growth, and is committed to helping others thrive.

Katherine’s hospitality and gift for bringing people together will be invaluable assets in her role as a Mentor. Whether she’s helping to host network events or facilitating meaningful connections, Katherine’s warmth and attention to detail will create nurturing environments where people can relax, share, and have fun.

Living in the beautiful surroundings of North Vancouver, Katherine is deeply connected to nature and passionate about environmental conservation. Her commitment to responsible actions and “treading lightly” aligns perfectly with PLAN’s values of sustainability and stewardship.

As Katherine steps into her role as Mentor, she is eager to connect with families, create meaningful networks, and make a lasting contribution to the community. Her positivity, compassion, and dedication to full inclusion make her a perfect fit for the Mentor position at PLAN.

We are excited to welcome Katherine to the team and look forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly make in the lives of those she works together with.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Katherine!