The Joey Grant Fund

The Joey Grant “Little Things That Matter” Fund was established by Nancy and Dave Grant to honour the memory of their son Joey, who sadly passed away at a young age.

It’s often said little things can make the biggest difference. This is something Joey’s parents recognized when they established this fund as a legacy for their son. They wanted to provide small investments (up to $300.00) that make a big difference to people’s lives. In accepting these funds, we hope you’ll join us in honouring Joey’s memory.


Some Examples of Award Items:

  • Concert tickets
  • Apple iPad or portable music system
  • Night in Hotel
  • Special event
  • Items that improve quality of life
  • Items or activities that would not normally be affordable

How to Apply:

Please write to the Director of PLAN and describe:

  • What are you requesting the bursary for?
  • Why are you making this request?
  • What amount are you requesting?
  • What contribution you can make towards your request?
  • Who else have you asked?
  • Why your request should be granted?